Dent and Glass Repair Specialists

Car Repair

Dent Werks

Motor Werks Cadillac of Barrington is proud to introduce Dent Werks Paintless dent removal. We now have on-site Dent Werks Technicians that have extensive knowledge on each of our models, particularly our Cadillac vehicles.

Dent Werks can make your car look new in less than 1 hour. This service is done without sanding, bonding, or repainting, while it’s being serviced. We want to be your one stop shop for all your needs. Our one stop service allows you to maintain the factory finish, as well as maintain your vehicle according to Cadillac standards.

Dent Werks Paintless dent removal can save you hundreds of dollars on repairs for door dings, large or small dents, sharp creases, hail damage, protrusions, body line damage, aluminum panels, and difficult access areas.

All of this is offered at a very competitive price. So when you stop into Motor Werks Cadillac of Barrington ask your Team Service Manager about Dent Werks Paintless dent removal.

We want to provide you and your Cadillac with the very best service. We invite you to become part of the Motor Werks family by allowing us to take care of your Cadillac vehicle.

Glass Replacement

The glass on your Cadillac is part of the structural integrity of the vehicle. In order to ensure performance and the safety of you and your passengers, it is extremely important that your glass is installed to meet Cadillac specifications.

Motor Werks Cadillac of Barrington offers genuine Cadillac glass & windshield replacement. We use the same quality of glass that was used on your vehicle when it was brand new. In addition, the glass installed by our seasoned professionals gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing the job has been performed at the high standard you have come to expect from Cadillac.